Genre Update: Embracing Beatport's Electronic Genres and More!

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Oct 24, 2023 5:18:44 AM

Harmonizing with Beatport's Electronic Genres

As a proud member of The Beatport Group family of companies, we recognize that Beatport has always been at the forefront of defining and evolving with new electronic music genres. We wanted to make sure our users also benefit from Beatport’s expertise, so we've aligned our electronic music genres with those on Beatport. This means that as you navigate LabelRadar, you'll be greeted with genre classifications that not only parallel those you’re already used to seeing on Beatport, but which also reflect the most current and emerging sounds in the industry, ensuring both consistency and clarity. This should also help you represent your sound more accurately too, as it adds new depth throughout our genre tree.


Spotlight on New Genres

The world of music is constantly evolving, and we're on the frontlines. We're delighted to introduce genres like Amapiano, UK Garage, Phonk, and many more to our genre repertoire for the first time! Whether you're an artist or a label, you can dive right in and explore the new categories.

You Can Now Update Track Genre Data

Artists, this one's for you. We understand the fluid nature of music, and recognise that since our genres have been updated, you might want to re-classify some of your music. To help with that, we've launched the ability for you to edit genre data on tracks you’ve previously uploaded. So, if you've ever felt one of your tracks could be better categorized, you can now update it to your preferred genre instead.

How to edit a track’s genre:

  1. Go to My Tracks.
  2. Click on ‘View’ Details.
  3. Locate the dropdowns beside ‘Genre Family’, ‘Genre’, and ‘Subgenre’. Tweak your genre preferences as required.
  4. Ensure you press Save to confirm your edits.


In the words of Derek Clark, Director of Product Management - Music Services at Beatport and a LabelRadar Co-Founder:

"This update, like many before it, stems from our unwavering commitment to helping connect artists, labels, and fans alike. By integrating closely with Beatport's electronic genres we aim to create a platform that's both intuitive and modern while remaining on the cutting edge of emerging genre trends."

And Raphael Pujol, the esteemed VP of Global Curation at Beatport added:

"Maintaining alignment with our genres across the entire Beatport Group has been of paramount importance to us, and we are delighted to see this alignment realized between Beatport and LabelRadar. Today, fans and users can seamlessly identify and navigate through our genres, offering a unified and immersive experience."

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 🎶