Submitting Your Demos To Labels Just Got Easier!

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Jun 27, 2023 3:02:12 PM

LabelRadar helps get your track in front of the right people in the electronic music industry. The days of detective work to find emails and fretting over if you’ll hear back or not are over. It's super easy to send a demo, in this article we take you through the different ways you can use the platform to get your track to the right labels!

When you submit a demo via LabelRadar you can either select one label or multiple labels to send to. This is to help you reach multiple relevant labels with ease.

Pre-filtering Lists by Relevant Genre. When you submit a new or existing track via ‘submit to labels’ or ‘submit to promoters’ the results automatically match to your selected genre so you’re only seeing relevant results right from the start. By submitting the right genre to a label or promoter everyone wins. You have a higher chance of success with the submission, the receiver only receives relevant submissions, and the ecosystem is healthier.

Sort By Options. You can sort labels and promoters by Recent Shortlist Activity, New to Old, and Name: a to z! This should help you discover new and exciting labels or promoters that you may not have thought of submitting to before. We’re always adding new ones too!


Grayed out receivers. Labels or promoters you’ve already sent your track to now appear as ‘grayed out’ at the bottom of the list! No more pesky errors or wracking your brain to remember who you’ve already sent your track to when in the middle of the submission process.

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