Introducing 'Load Filters' for an Effortless LabelRadar Experience!

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Aug 3, 2023 1:26:29 PM

Hey there awesome LabelRadar community! We've been listening closely to your feedback, and we're thrilled to unveil a feature that will further streamline the way you navigate our platform. Say goodbye to the days of manually reapplying filters every time you switch between pages - introducing 'Load Filters'!

You can now effortlessly apply your favorite filters without any hassle. No more wasting time selecting genres, previous signings, country preferences, or watchlist options repeatedly. We've streamlined the process to make your life on LabelRadar even easier!

We get it - it used to be super inconvenient when your carefully chosen filter configurations vanished as you moved between pages. But fret no more! 'Load Filters' is here to save the day!

Here's how it works

'Load My Genre Preferences': With a single click, load your pre-determined 'currently looking for' and/or 'accepted' genres. No more endless scrolling through lists - your preferred genres are right there at your fingertips!

'Load Last Applied Filter': Ever wish you could easily go back to the last filter you used? Well, now you can! Simply load the last filter from your current session or a previous one - easy peasy!


We're stoked to see you thrive with 'Load Filters'! We believe this update will make your LabelRadar experience smoother and more enjoyable than ever before.

As always, we value your feedback, so keep it coming! Let's join forces and make LabelRadar the ultimate platform for music discovery and promotion.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates! 🎶

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