You can now update Track Versions and 20s Clips on LabelRadar! 🎶

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Jun 27, 2023 3:25:12 PM

We’re thrilled to announce a new series of improvements to the demo submission experience!

Updating Your Track Version

LabelRadar's new Track Versioning feature enables artists to update the audio of existing tracks. Track Versioning allows artists to add some vocals, change the mastering, or add more cowbell, all while keeping the plays, chats, and swipes that the track has already gained. Your existing submission is immediately updated with the new version. The update is real-time and all instances of that track on the platform will immediately reflect the change!

Track Versioning is available now to all PRO members. Simply head to My Tracks and select ‘Update track version’ on a track you’ve previously uploaded, drag your new .mp3 or .wav file, choose the clip start time and confirm your copyright ownership. 

Adjusting Your 20s Clip

Is the 20-second clip you previously selected not quite ‘doing it’ for you anymore? Now you can easily adjust your clip start time by heading to My Tracks, clicking ‘View’ on the track you’d like to update, and selecting your new clip start time via the ‘Adjust 20 second clip’ button! Easy peasy.

Check it out →

What’s next?

As part of The Beatport Group, the vision for LabelRadar has only just begun. Stay tuned for another very big product announcement coming before the end of the year! Seriously… you won’t want to miss it!