Playlist Mode

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May 8, 2024 10:36:33 AM

Review Demos Easily with Playlist Mode 🎵

Labels! Thank you for all your feedback. We’ve heard you and we’re thrilled to unveil our latest enhancements designed to transform the way you interact with demos on LabelRadar.

Listen to Demos as a Playlist: With this update, listening to demos becomes much more compatible with your other tasks! You have the flexibility to set your demos running while you go about your day, only jumping back onto the platform when something catches your attention. You can of course still review demos in the original “looped” functionality too if you prefer. 

playlist mode-3


Repeat Mode Off / Once / On

Never Accidentally Listen to the Same Demo Twice: We’ll also show you which tracks you’ve already listened to, providing a visual cue that helps you keep track of everything. Plus, with the ability to filter tracks to only view those you haven't listened to yet, staying on top of your inbound demos is now easier than ever.

More Convenient 'My Submissions' Workflow: We understand the demands of your busy schedule. That's why we've introduced a customizable timer option. Simply set your preferred time interval, and demos you’ve listened to but didn’t take action on will automatically expire over time, rather than you manually needing to click 'skip' on each one. If you like what you hear, shortlist it, otherwise the timer will take care of it if it wasn’t of interest.

We hope these upgrades make it easier than ever to find those hidden gems and to truly accelerate your label. You can dive into our more flexible and enhanced label experience today! 

Thank you for choosing LabelRadar.