Introducing Label Interaction Reviews - powered by Artists!

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Feb 12, 2024 8:00:00 AM

In our ongoing quest to enhance the LabelRadar platform and provide even greater value to our thriving community of artists and labels, we are excited to introduce a new and innovative artist powered feature called Label Interaction Reviews! We've designed this update with the intent to create a well-balanced and safe environment for artists while avoiding spam and bias. This addition aims to foster transparency, trust, and collaboration within our platform, creating a win-win scenario for both artists and labels.

How It Works

Artists can now share their experiences and provide feedback on labels and promoters they have interacted with.

Who can leave feedback?

To preserve the integrity of the review system and safeguard against any misuse, we've implemented a thoughtful approach to feedback eligibility, ensuring that only artists who have engaged in a meaningful chat with a label regarding a potential release are eligible to leave feedback.

Review Attributes

Our review system aims to inspire valuable feedback. Your ratings will be public, guiding artists to find the best fit and helping superstar labels shine! Artists can rate three attributes as 'needs improvement,' 'neutral,' or 'good.'


Communication is like a 'vibe check' for your interactions with the label. We want to know if they responded respectfully and promptly, and if you enjoyed your conversations with them.


Value is how you perceive the value this label brings to your release compared to other options in the industry. Does it stand out with exceptional support, an innovative approach, or overall fair terms? Share your thoughts on why this label rocks your world! 


Professionalism is all about setting standards. How did they impress you with a top-notch attitude and reliable, honest conduct? 

Text-Based Feedback

In addition to rating these attributes, artists will have the option to leave public text-based feedback. This feature allows artists to provide more detailed insights into their interactions with labels. What's even more exciting is that labels have the opportunity to respond to this feedback and clear up any potential misunderstandings, further enhancing transparency.

Community Feedback Tab

All the reviews collected through this system will be publicly accessible on label profiles via the introduction of a new 'Community Feedback' tab. This tab will serve as a way to benchmark the label's overall reputation within the artist community, encouraging professional interactions and rewarding labels for their positive contributions.

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In Summary

We've drawn inspiration from the success of various platforms that have effectively harnessed user-to-user feedback to build trust and credibility. Crafting our review system, we've applied insights from extensive interviews with our super users to create a well-balanced solution that encourages fairness on both the artist and label sides. Thanks for being part of LabelRadar's amazing and growing community! Stay tuned for an exciting 2024 full of more updates.