Interview: Kruparth Rajput, Co-Founder @ Déjà Vu Culture

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Jan 19, 2024 8:00:00 AM

Kruparth Rajput Co-Founder of Déjà Vu Culture LabelRadarIn the dynamic music industry, the journey from aspiring artist to signed sensation is both inspiring and very challenging. In this interview, we sit down with label boss Kruparth Rajput, co-founder of Déjà Vu Culture, a renowned record label. We explore the qualities labels seek in artists, the road to getting your first track signed to a label, the significance of networking in the music industry, and Kruparth's most unforgettable career moments.

Interview with Kruparth Rajput:

Question: What qualities do you look for in an artist when considering signing them to your label?

Kruparth: Our team values professionalism and consistency in artists. We love those who follow basic work ethics, showing dedication to their music. Punctuality, effective communication, and a commitment to consistently produce high-quality music are key qualities we appreciate.

Question: What are some red flags that may discourage you from signing an artist?

It's quite frustrating when artists send me their unfinished ideas on WhatsApp and then expect a release within the next week. It's essential to understand that labels typically plan releases well in advance—often for two months or more. Unrealistic deadlines can disrupt the entire schedule, so it's crucial for everyone to be on the same page and respect the planning process. And of course, please stick to mails when submitting demos and if the version is final and mastered, even better.

Question: How hard/easy is it to get signed these days?

Understanding the label's catalogue is the key when it comes to getting signed. Imagine sending a Dubstep track to a Techno label—it's like bringing a Basketball to play Football; it just doesn't fit, right? Luckily, tools like LabelRadar have eased the process, making it more accessible. The competition is fierce, no doubt, but my advice to fellow artists is to reach a level where your sound not only stands out but aligns with what a label seeks to invest their time and money in.

Question: Can you provide some guidance on the importance of networking and building industry connections?

Networking is a game-changer in the music industry. Connecting with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, or mentors can open doors to remarkable opportunities. A unique twist of fate led me to Mahesh Bhatt, one of our co-founders, through YouTube comments. Sharing a common interest in a record label, we decided to attend a music festival together. Little did we know that this casual connection would evolve into the foundation of our label. The story doesn't end there; Rahul Patel, another co-founder, joined the journey, completing our dynamic trio. It's a testament to the power of networking, showcasing how seemingly casual connections can transform into meaningful collaborations and ventures within the music business.

Question: Can you share a memorable or defining moment in your career that had a significant impact on you?

I've been immersed in the music industry for quite a few years now, wearing the hats of both a producer and an independent mixing/mastering engineer. Although I haven't released my own tracks yet, one of the most memorable experiences for me was the launch of our first track under the record label. From connecting with distributors to coordinating marketing strategies, the experience emphasized the crucial balance between creativity and strategic planning in the music business. It's not just about the music; it's about executing every step, from teasers to release posts, with precision. I look forward to more such moments as we continue to carve our path in the industry. 

Question: Who is an emerging artist you think people should be listening to?

Ah, navigating the sea of emerging artists is like choosing your favorite flavor at an ice cream shop—tough, but oh-so-exciting! If I had to pick one topping... I mean artist, it would be Chapter & Verse. Seriously, this maestro's got a sound so fresh, it's like the musical equivalent of a crisp morning breeze. But hey, the party doesn't stop there! There's D-Trex, Elegie, N1RVAAN, and a bunch more. The list is endless. 

Question: Who is the best act you've seen live and why?

I was mesmerized by Hannes Beiger's set when I caught him live. The guy effortlessly juggles multiple complex instruments; it's genuinely mind-blowing. He definitely knows how to nail the perfect vibe. An absolute legend.

Question: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I'd love to be the guy with the power to time-travel. Just imagine, I could zip into the future, check out what's trending, and then come back to plan out my releases accordingly. I'd be like a musical trendsetter, creating hits before they even hit the trending spot! Hahaha, talk about staying ahead of the game.

Question: Which artists have you signed from LabelRadar?

We've had the pleasure of discovering some incredible talents through LabelRadar. Among the notable artists we've signed are Elegie; her track 'A-Tension' performed exceptionally well for our label. Additionally, we're thrilled to have Trenches, L.O.S, Dannyel Mor, and others on board. It's been an exciting journey, connecting with these amazing individuals and witnessing their growth within our label.

Question: How has joining LabelRadar impacted your (or your team's) day to day?

I find LabelRadar to be well-organized and user-friendly. Personally, I love the General Submissions section, where I can listen to so many artists at once and easily shortlist them.

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